Some friends I keep

Dr. Llewelyn Morgan teaches the Classics at Brasenose College, Oxford. He has a special interest in Roman literature, and has published on Virgil, Ovid, Horace, satire, historiography and metrical form. But what I love about his writings are the ones dealing with the Greeks in India. We in India seem to have relegated that glorious period in our history to the academic dustbin. You can read what he writes here.

I once told her that she reminds me of Chand Bibi of the Deccan. Aliyeh Rizvi is a brilliant writer with a person with an incisive mind, great grace and charm. Her continuous striving the preserve the fast diminishing vestiges of Bangalore’s History keeps me inspired. She may be of interest to you here.

And there’s no site I like better than Coupon Rani to keep that ever increasing list of ‘History Books I want to buy’ affordable! Thank you Ravi Trivedi.


2 Responses to Some friends I keep

  1. Dr Jahanzeb says:

    such a stupendous website , my best wishes to u, i have been doing research on tipusultan since 1996 , i have travelled and taken photos of his forts in Tamil Nadu,Kerala,Karnataka and Telangana , plus i have shot the entire whats what places of srirangapatna , do let me know if i can contribute to u

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