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Last of the rayas: An eyewitness account of the defeat and death of Rama Raya of Vijaynagara at Talikota

On January 26, 1565, South Indian history changed it’s faultlines for ever. The Hindu empire of Vijaynagara confronted the combined armies of the Muslim Deccan at the battlefield of Talikota and was decimated here. An excellent first hand account of … Continue reading

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‘Wealth of the Sea’ and other palaces of Tipu Sultan

The splendour of Tipu’s court was reflected in it’s magnificient houses of state, the royal residences of Tipu Sultan. We may classify among his residences 4 major palaces and 3 minor ones. The palace at Bangalore which still exists today was commenced in … Continue reading

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A day out with Tipu Sultan; Mentor, Motivator and Leader

The Sultan generally rose at break of day; a massage followed a spell of physical exercise where he would lift weights, then he washed himself, and read the Koran for an hour. An astrologer would be led into his presence who would advise … Continue reading

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