Return of goods: The Tipu way…

Tipu Sultan’s ordinances were of the highest quality.  On one occasion, in November 1787, Tipu sent back 500 muskets forwarded to Mysore by the then Pondicherry Governor, Conway for the reason that they were inferior in quality to those produced at Mysore.

The French Governor at Pondicherry, Cossigny’s letter dated 5 July, 1786 refers to a Musket ‘produced by Tipu Sultan’s workers’ presented to him by Tipu. In his comments on the musket he grades it equal to any produced in Europe. Nagar is the town identified by Cossigny as the center of Tipu’s munitions industry. Nagar is now in Shimoga District, Karnataka.

Tipu presented two pistols manufactured in Mysore to Louix XVI which were judged by French experts to be of excellent quality.


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An engineer, history buff, collector of South Indian antiques.
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