A Contemporary Estimate of Tipu’s Personality

Referring to Tipu in 1790, the Asiatic Annual Register for 1799 records:
‘Tippoo Sultaun is about 43 years of age; his constitution is much impaired; he is subject to two disorders, the frequent return of which obliges him to take medicine daily.

He is from five feet eight to nine inches high; is now rather inclined to fat, although, a few years since, he was very thin. His face is round, with large full eyes; and there is much animation and fire in his countenence; he wears whiskers but no beard; he is very active, and sometimes takes long walks.’

The narration in the Asiatic Journal is interesting because it mentions Tipu suffered from 2 disorders.

I assume 1 of them would be pain in the knee/back, could it be sciatica? He had a slight limp in 1 leg ever since his Malabar campaigns when he fell off his horse into a ditch and injured himself while attempting an assault of the Travancore lines.

What was the 2nd disorder the journal speaks of? I do not know


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One Response to A Contemporary Estimate of Tipu’s Personality

  1. Sam says:

    The British portrayed him as a cruel man and religious bigot, but instead ,they themselves were religious bigots and committed heinous crimes,rape plunder and loot of golden India and took away lots and lots of wealth,they were in fact thieves ,robbers, bandits and vagabonds, came to India to plunder and loot its wealth and finally in the end divided the country.
    Tipu Sultan was indeed a brave and very able man, if Nizam of Hyderabad with his immense army and wealth never supported British they would have been beaten back and kicked out to their tiny island, like they suffered the humiliating end in USA .

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