Haidar Ali and his Dancing Girls

Haidar Ali was accustomed to have a party of Bayaderes, dancing women, early every night at his tent. If the woman who danced was a Hindu, she was required to wear a white dress; if she was a Mussalman woman, a dress embroidered with gold. In her dancing, however she was not permitted to laugh or smile, or display any wanton steps or gestures, she was required to dance and sing slowly.

Let there be ever so many men present, the attention and eyes of all were to be fully occupied and absorbed, in the beauty of Haidar only. If any of the men present cast his eyes towards the dancing girls, Haidar Ali would immediately call out ‘Look, look well! for your mother (meaning the dancer) has left her house and is dancing in the midst of her husbands. If it was any one of his friends,however, he was more civil.


About Olikara

An engineer, history buff, collector of South Indian antiques.
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