What did Tipu Sultan wear ?

Munshi Qasim, a writer in the court of Tipu Sultan throws light upon the royal attire.

Tipu starts the day wearing a small Burhanpur turban, a fine white shirt fastened with a brooch of copper and gold, short drawers containing a special pocket with a European watch in it, and leather shoes with iron spurs!

After his breakfast he changed his turban to an even more ornate one of red, purple, crimson or green, about fifty yards long and interwoven with threads of gold.

Tipu’s biographer Mir Hussain Kirmani also notes that his green turban (Shumlehdar) was twisted ‘after the fashion of the Arabs.’ 

His full dress was of fine white cloth cut well, high-waisted, long-shirted and with the sleeves drawn up into pleats and fastened at the breast with a diamond button. He often wore a coat of cloth of gold, or of the red tiger stripe embroidered with gold. The red tiger stripe called ‘bubri’ was his royal symbol.

Round his loins was a splendid gold embroidered handkerchief. He did not wear much jewellery but his belief in astrology did make him wear a selection of rings with gemstones varied in astrological sequence.

Today important museums like the V&A and private collectors as well have items in their collections, related to the personal wardrobe of Tipu Sultan.


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  2. khurshid says:

    very good. i want to know more about tipu sultan

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